The Guarantee of B Corp

As the year of 2019 began, Ecotrend Ecologics founder John Harrison received the news that the company had been approved as a certified B Corporation company.

To become a certified B Corp, an organization must meet a stringent set of requirements for social and environmental accountability and public transparency – essentially, they must be working towards the common good, as part of a cultural shift to redefine success in business through ethics and positive impact rather than profit. The B Corp certification process is a beginning of a massive change in the understood norms and goals of global business to corporate social responsibility.

John, and Ecotrend, had already been working for many years on improving practices and principles within the natural health industry. Ecotrend Ecologics has a long history of partnering with companies working towards social and environmental goals, and supporting new and local enterprises, as well as continuously improving internal practices. With over 200 B Corps in Canada and over 2,600 worldwide, Ecotrend is in good company.

Asked what he felt when he found out Ecotrend had received B Corp approval, John Harrison commented “satisfaction that the company was now recognized with what it had been doing over the past 30 years.” When asked why he feels it’s important to attain and honour the principles of B Corporations in modern business as a daily practice, John emphasized the need to work on improvement constantly and consistently, citing the importance of “educating and creating a growing awareness on a better way to run our business each and every day.”

“Educating and creating a growing awareness on a better way to run our business each and every day.”

John Harrison

It’s now been over a year since we joined the B Corp family, and we are seeing more and more of the companies we work with or those in our community we view with admiration attaining B Corp status. As March is B Corp month, we encourage those in our community to check out and support the amazing companies who are part of the proud network of B Corps. We’re looking forward to many more years as part of the B Corp community.